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My Vacation To Dominican Republic

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

My recent vacation to La Ramona Dominican Republic during the Covid19 pandemic.

🇩🇴🇩🇴 La Romana Dominican Republic August 2020. 5 days before I left Orlando I took a rapid covid test, it was a finger prick where they squeezed out a drop of blood and I was able to recieve my results on a print out right away. On June 30 the Dominican Republic government changed their countries rules for entry and as it stated you must bring in a negative test administered no more than 5 days prior to travel or you will be administered one upon arrival.

Inside the Orlando airport it was fairly empty. I was not asked to show proof of my results at the airport however another agent who traveled separately was required to show her documents (she flew Spirit I flew American Airlines). You were required to place your passport face down for scanning and you had to scan your own bording pass. Mask are required at all times except while eating.

At the airport in the Dominican Republic I did not see a set up for covid testing nor did they ask for my paperwork. My transportation van was also very clean and loaded with sanitizer.

Everyone at the resort wore their mask at all times even when not serving guest. Upon checking into the resort your temperature was checked and its checked each time you enter into any building. Before entering the resturants for meals they requested you use hand sanitizer. They also gave me a little bag to hold my mask during meals. Menus were all barcoded and you had to scan to upload. They had paper menus but preferred electronic You had to wear a mask on the property but could remove it during meals and water activities. The resort made sure all tables and pool chairs were separated for social distancing. They gave me a private golf cart to get around the property and when I forgot my cape aka mask they always had extras. Overall they were very clean and cautious.

While at the resort I was able to experience several activities. The first night I ate dinner at Là Cana a french inspired restaurant. I enjoyed the duck with garlic mashed potatoes and a fish salad.The resort had live music for guest to enjoy on both Friday and Saturday night. The 2nd day I got to shoot my first shotgun ( I hit 4 out of 20 flying targets 🤷🏾‍♀️) and left with a sore shoulder. Later I went to relax on the beautiful white sands of Minitas beach. I was able to eat at 2 delicious food trucks and they brought the food to me. The next day I rode a horse around a dude ranch that houses horses for celebrities and professional Polo competitions. I enjoyed diner that night on the marina. I ate the whole snapper fried with mixed vegetables. Very fresh fish 🤤. The 4th day I was able to tour the most beautiful golf grounds I had ever seen. Pristine grass, ocean lined shores, multi million dollar homes (Kholer has a huge home there). I ate authentic tacos and fresh chips and salsa for dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Altos de Chavón.

During my property tour with management I was able to see a 4 bed room oceanfront villa perfect for a wedding party. They took me to the marina which housed huge million dollar yatchs for locals and celebrities. I toured a beautiful place called Altos de Chavón It is a re-creation of a Mediterranean style European village located atop the Chavón River. It is the most popular attraction in the city and hosts a cultural center, an archeological museum, and an amphitheater.

Returning home the airport in Punta Cana was much more crowded as more people were flying back to the U.S on Monday. More crowded in the airports means packed plane with all seats full🤦🏾‍♀️. Everyone wore their mask. We landed home safely.

Overall I had a wonderful time on my vacation to La Ramona Dominican Republic. I would recommend anyone to travel with safety in mind and keep social distance as much as you can. ✈❤ #40nextmonth #birthdayvibes #solotrip #postsurgerycelebration #40where #travelagentlife #becomeatravelagent

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