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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Hi my name is TanniaJ and I am a gold builder with this amazing company . I know you may have some questions about joining the travel industry and I am here today to give you all the details.

You will have your own turn key travel business. Once you join you get immediate access to your credentials for booking, your personal booking website, company training and access to our team group. Additional training is completed online through our team website.


This travel business has afforded me the opportunity guys to travel all over the world. Ladies and gents don't let this pass you by. Most of the time when people hear about this opportunity they do have a few questions and I'm here to get those answered for you.

You will get the details on how you can own become a TRAVEL BOSS, how you can save and travel as a Insider, how you can get paid for booking your travel and how you can get paid to book travel for others. Here is the awesome part of the business, you will also be able to share this opportunity to other people and they can become travel agents themselves.

Question 1

What is the training like? How long does it take before I'm able to book travel for myself? How long will it take for me to be able to book travel for others.

Well that is the great thing about this business is as soon as you start you are able to get all of your credentials. The credentials are sent straight to your email and you will be able to literally start booking travel in minutes.

For training you will have access to unlimited resources with Inteletravel. There are 18 video training modules in your back office called Inteletravel University. Inside Inteletravel University you are going to learn all you need to know and understand, as a foundation, about the travel industry. The training is ongoing. I've been in this business for over 4 years and let me tell you I am always learning. You are constantly going to learn about new changes in the industry but the learning curve is very small to start booking hotels resorts vacation packages rental cars cruises flights activities passports and visas. Our training will teach you how to negotiate, how to book international travel, how to book domestic travel packages, Disney, Marriott, Carnival, and so many more out there.

We will specifically help you on our team as soon as you start. You will get access to our amazing team Facebook group where there are other agents who are always sharing and asking some of the same questions that you may have. You will have access to our team training page and guys let me tell you, you will be able to receive one-on-one coaching opportunities with our leaders free of charge.

In addition you will have access to unlimited travel certifications online. If you have someone asking about a trip or if you would like to take a trip yourself up to a destination you have not been to all you have to do is take the free certification. These certifications range anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to complete. It is at your own pace. You are able to take these certifications on your own time whenever it's good for you.

Question 2

How much does this cost.

There are 2 businesses. Inteletravel has a start-up fee of $179.95 with a monthly fee of $39.95.

Plannet Marketing has a one time start-up fee of $19.95 and a monthly fee of $19.95. (optional)

Once you start you will have your own turn key travel business. You get immediate access to your credentials for booking travel, your own booking website, access to training and entry into our team group. For less than $2 a day you will be able to keep your lights on in your business.

Less than a cup of coffee

Question 3

What is the difference between the two companies? Plannet Marketing and Inteletravel.

With Inteletravel you are a travel agent. You will earn 70% commission on booked travel. You will get your credentials, you're able to book travel on your own personal booking site or on the vendors direct, and when you travel yourself you are able to travel as an Insider. As an insider you will have access to those amazing VIP rates only available to travel agents. With Plannet Marketing very simple, you sell inteletravel.

Let's talk about Plannet Marketing and how you yourself can build a team and make legacy and residual income. It takes only 3 recruits to open up your matrix. You don't have to be the expert will help you by being available to answer any questions that you may have. So don't worry, you don't have to know everything about the business to start recruiting. You can invite your guest to phone calls, live webinars, and you can show them opportunity videos immediately. We are here to assist you in our team group is well as you can speak with our leaders at any time

Question 4

Is recruiting required? Absolutely NOT. If you decide to only become a travel agent it's your choice. The marketing business is only $20 more so if you decide to join later you definitely can. Let me tell you something when I first joined I joined only as a travel agent. I had strangers, complete strangers asking me about this awesome opportunity. While I was on vacation! They would ask me what do I do and I wanted them to become part of the business. Don't lose out on this amazing marketing opportunity. Don't leave money on the table. Someone may ask you, while you're on vacation, what are you doing there and you can assist them with living out their dream life.

Question 5

Can my spouse join.

Remember it is two businesses so with Inteletravel you both cannot share the business. Each of you will have to have your own ITA therefore you would have to have your own separate travel business. With Plannet Marketing you are able to join together. So you can have two businesses in one or you can have each your separate accounts. Your spouse does not have to join you right away of course they can see you enjoying your new business. They will join once they see you getting all of those great discounts.

Question 6

What if I don't make any money? Do I have to stick around? Great news is, if you heard the planet marketing presentation, Inteletravel has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within your first 30 days if you decide that this is not for you you can simply cancel and get 100% of your money back. But if you truly understand business you know that it takes longer than 30 days to understand wholeheartedly if this opportunity is completely for you. If you decide to stick around for at least 12 months, that's 12 calendar months, and you have not saved more or earned more than you invested they will refund you the difference

With Plannet Marketing there is a 90-day money-back guarantee. That's right even for a $20 opportunity and there is a 90-day money-back guarantee no questions asked.


We are not here to take your money. That's why this opportunity is priced for the average person to be able to afford it. If it's not for you you have 12 months to cancel and receive that reimbursement of what you invested or you can cancel at any time.

With this business there is no quotas which means you can sell as much as you want or as little as you. Full time or part-time there are no requirements. There is no contract you can cancel at any time and there is no pressure no pressure whatsoever we will help you be successful in the way that you would like to be successful so when you decide to get started we will help you meet your goals.

If you have any questions please let me know. If you don't have any questions you can go ahead and get started right away.

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Once you start your turn-key business you are open to travel like a travel agent insider. Enjoy the benefits of going to places all over the world. You will enjoy the freedom and flexibility of this business so that you can truly position yourself to have a peace of mind. As a travel agent you literally own the world. The world is in your hands to explore and sell as much or as little as you like. I look forward to celebrating you and your success I can't wait for you to join our team

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