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6 Types of People Who Become Travel Agents

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

1️⃣ Avid travelers decide to own a travel business so they can start saving money on their personal travel.

2️⃣ Travel consumers who are already booking travel on publicized websites decide they rather earn their own commission.

3️⃣ Someone looking for a simple, home-based or phone-based business choose travel because it’s easier to market and convenient to work from anywhere.

4️⃣. People who love planning group travel either for themselves, others, or businesses see the value in earning the commission and the savings

5️⃣ People who understand value. Partnering with a Host Agency is the least expensive option and offers the most access all up front.

6️⃣ Someone who is open to earning unlimited passive income decides to join travel because it doesn’t interfere with other businesses.

👉Which one (s) can you relate to???

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