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Magical World of Disney

There's (Truly) Something for Everyone

Infants. Grandparents in their 70s. People in wheelchairs. Sullen teens. Disney World is perfect for all of them. The energetic thrill-seekers in your party can hit the roller coasters, while the older folks enjoy stage shows and classic, low-key rides. The Disneyparks and the cast members who work in them are all accommodating to people with disabilities and impairments, so any limitations that make other types of travel difficult aren't a problem at Disney World. And the four parks have such a diverse range of themes and attractions that everyone can find something that appeals to them. Animal lovers and "Avatar" diehards will love Animal Kingdom, while world travelers will delight in touring the World Showcase at Epcot. Movie buffs feel right at home in Hollywood Studios. Anyone who doesn't want to head to the parks can splash around at one of Disney World's water parks or hit the links on one of Disney's beautiful golf courses.

It's a Chance to Burn Calories

Sometimes lying on a beach for a week is just what the doctor ordered. But for active people who like to move while on vacation, Disney World is a great choice. Visitors who spend all day in a Disneypark can easily walk more than 5 miles. Some serious Disney enthusiasts cover closer to 10 miles per day, especially in the spacious Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Of course, travelers who don't want to move that much don't have to, but guests who have as much energy as Tigger should feel right at home in Disney World's hustle and bustle.

Sticking to a Budget Is Easy

Disney World isn't cheap. In fact, for most people, it's downright expensive. But unlike other vacations, where costs add up along the way, it's easy to create a Disney World budget and stick to it. With a Disney vacation package, you'll know exactly how much park tickets and the hotel will cost before leaving home. Add a Disney dining package or budget $10 to $15 per person per meal and calculate exactly how much the trip will cost. Kick back and enjoy the Disney experience without crunching numbers or worrying about your bank account.

It's Different Every Time

Maybe you've been to Disney World before, and therefore you have a "been there, done that" attitude – but even Disney World faithfuls who visit the parks every year or two find something new each time. Disney is constantly being expanded, renovated and improved. If at least a few years have passed since your last visit, expect to find new rides and attractions in most of the parks. Disney occasionally adds entirely new lands to its park, such as Pandora in Animal Kingdom and the "Toy Story" and "Star Wars" lands in Hollywood Studios.

It Might Not Be the Happiest Place on Earth, but It's Close

Disney World has been carefully engineered to make people happy, and most guests are. Sure, it's hot and crowded, and there's always a baby crying nearby. It's hard not to feel cheerful in a place that's beautiful, clean, and filled with smiling employees and joyful kids. Disney World even smells good; how many vacation spots can you say the same about?

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